To The Nines by Jennifer Chong

To The Nines by Jennifer Chong

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Although riding instruction is widely available, it is nearly impossible to find a source for learning the turnout and organizational skills essential for successful competition at horse shows. Such mundane things as how to keep boots gleaming, whiten stockings and blazes, or pack for an overnight competition can be major frustrations for the novice adult amateur or junior rider.

To The Nines: A practical guide to horse and rider turnout for dressage, eventing and hunter-jumper shows, demystifies the process and provides an everything but the riding guide to competition. Jennifer Coates divulges secrets that most riders only learn by trial and error over years of competition - things like turnout skills, organization and planning tips, money saving recipes for cleaning products, ways to streamline the arduous task of entry paperwork, how to keep your horse healthy and contented on the road, and arrive in the show ring looking poised and immaculate. The book is written in a conversational style that focuses on the hard-core practicalities of preparing for competition. Each chapter is organized for easy reference on individual topis in each discipline, including the vital and unwritten conventions that even experienced competitors find complicated to navigate.

To the Nines will interest experienced competitors who want a good reference to streamline and polish their presentation or who are planning to cross over disciplines. It will be invaluable for adult amateur or junior riders in their early years of competition in dressage, eventing, or hunter-jumper shows. The book is the perfect resource for Pony Clubbers, 4-H'ers, intercollegiate or interscholastic team members, equine studies students, riding instructors and parents of kids preparing to start showing.