Design & Build a Cross-Country Course by Hugh Morshead

Design & Build a Cross-Country Course by Hugh Morshead

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For too long, course building has been a specialist's job. This book aims to change that by laying out on the table all its components—from design to construction—so they are easy to grasp and to put into practice.

Every profession has its "trade secrets" and course building is no exception. Here are the tricks and tactics of the professional that enable the job to be done better, more easily, and more economically. The emphasis is on building safe courses, with fences that inspire confidence and which won't break the bank.

The book is crammed with valuable insights for riders, coaches, organizers, officials, as well as course designers and builders.

Irish-born Hugh Morshead is an experienced FEI course designer with over twenty-five years' experience. His approach to course building is simple: 'Build it right and they will jump.' He has overseen the layout and construction of countless one-day and three-day courses in Canada, New Zealand, the USA and Ireland, at every level from Pony Club to CCI***. During his career he has worn many 'hats,' including designer, course advisor, technical delegate, organizer and rider. This book is a distillation of the knowledge he has accumulated over the years, imparted with generosity and a modicum of humor.